Uniting Mind-Body Medicine Retreat Program
March 30th – April 4th, 2014
6-day intensive
Tucson, Arizona

Open program

In cooperation with Beat-the-Odds we offer a 6-day intensive retreat program focusing on ways to create increased health and wellbeing. Our program is based on the healing power of nature with concepts, tools and techniques based on cognitive-behavioral psychology. The program is restorative and comprehensive and designed for all those who deal with or have dealt with a potentially life-threatening illness, like cancer.

If one is currently dealing with an illness please know that the program supports people in whatever medical treatments they are already following, while offering an additional mind-body approach for mobilizing their own healing energy. Participants are offered ways to impact their own health and wellbeing. The program is helpful at any time: before or during as well as after treatment, since it is very effective in finding balance after healing.

We as well, of course, welcome our trainees and those who are considering becoming a trainee with us. When participating in our program for the first time - before you start training with us - we do ask you to apply the program to yourself and fully participate in the week.
The program is unique in that the four facilitators, who have worked together in the past, are re-uniting with their combined body of knowledge, to deliver a possibly one-time program. Patricia Palmer EdD, Erin Sommerville, Mariusz Wirga MD and Barbara de Beukelaar Msc have created this retreat to celebrate the life and work of their great teacher O. Carl Simonton, MD. We are honoring Dr Simonton, a pioneer in mind-body oncology who died five years ago, by continuing to serve others in navigating the journey of the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness.

Uniting Mind-Body Medicine Program
The program is designed to impact quality of life, boost the immune system, make one feel better/cope better and recover faster, while learning how to deal with stresses in life and how to resolve emotions like guilt, fear, resentment or anger. Studies have shown that beliefs, attitudes and emotions can impact our health and the course of a disease. Healing does not always mean the body gets well or recurrence can be prevented. The program includes learning how to deal with recurrence and how to create peace of mind around death and dying in order to live one's life to the fullest today and to enhance quality of death as well.

In its approach, the Uniting Mind-Body Medicine program integrates cognitive, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. We address health and illness in terms of our wholeness as human beings. All that we teach is based on ancient knowledge and current medical and psychological scientific research. The focus is on learning self-help tools that create more happiness and decrease stress and emotional or physical pain. One learns how to think healthier, feel better and connect with the healing power of our nature.

For those with a diagnosis we strongly advise that you bring a support person to also participate in the program. If you have a partner we do hope your life-partner or spouse can join you for this week. Otherwise bringing a parent, son/daughter or a friend is recommended. You will thus be assured to have someone in your life that shares your frame of reference in this work. We know how helpful this can be when you return home and are implementing what you have learned into your daily life. If you attend alone however, you'll be fine as well and we will provide information on how to optimize your support network at home.

The program is a 6-day residential program and includes lectures, assignments, exercises in working groups, and one-to-one consultations. The schedule allows for personal time spent enjoying the surrounding nature as well the opportunity to form uniquely healing bonds with other participants. We hope to welcome you on Sunday March 30th between 3 and 4 PM. There will be a short intake, dinner and an introductory evening program. Monday through Thursday, the morning program is from 9 until noon and the afternoon program from 2:30 till 5:30 PM. The teaching staff is available at anytime during the day, ensuring that each participant receives personal attention. We close on Friday April 4th by 11:30 AM.

Training Program
Both Hekademos Foundation and Beat the Odds Program offer a training program to educate therapists, social workers, nurses, physicians, psychologists, coaches and volunteers in understanding the concepts of our Mind-Body Medicine Program. By offering training programs we hope to serve the community in two ways. First of all we wish to support professionals in their personal as well as professional life so they can work in good health themselves and enjoy a good quality of life. Secondly we offer professionals training and support in dealing with their patients/clients in a holistic and comprehensive way - with hope, camaraderie and compassion.
We invite all professionals and volunteers who want to gain practical knowledge and experience in mind-body medicine or who want to learn more about the psychosocial dynamics of patients with life threatening illness and their families, to participate in our program. We aim to support professionals in strengthening their own inner connection with nature. One will learn how to apply the tools to create and strengthen healthy beliefs about one's own life and death as well as about life, illness and death in general.

Participation in only one 6 day retreat session generates immense knowledge, insight and immediately applicable skills. For those who, after having had this introductory session, desire to help their clients through mind-body medicine, we offer tailor-made training to meet the needs of the trainee. In addition, we offer a 2-year training program that can lead to certification as a Hekademos Mind-Body Counselor or Beat the Odds Counselor. One will develop competencies in guiding clients through emotional distress and becoming well equipped to approach clients in a comprehensive way - including the emotional, cognitive, behavioral, social and spiritual aspects of our being.

If you are interested in training with either Beat the Odds or Hekademos please contact the representatives and inquire about their training programs.
Educational credits for physicians (35 category 1 CME hours) and for other clinicians are pending.

Teaching Staff
Our program will be facilitated by Dr Patricia Palmer, Erin Sommerville, Mariusz Wirga MD and Barbara de Beukelaar Msc.

Patricia is a Psychological Consultant and holds a doctorate degree in counseling. For many years she was in private practice in Rochester, NY, working intensively with people facing cancer and those in their lives most intimately affected by the illness. Her deep interest and commitment arose from her own experience with cancer. Her experience as a Psychotherapist/Counselor spanned over 40 years and included work as a teacher and trainer at the Simonton Cancer Center. In 2012 she partnered with Barbara in creating the retreat programs as well as the leadership programs of Hekademos Mind-Body Medicine Foundation.

Erin is a Mind Body Oncology Coach on staff at the Todd Cancer Institute at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach, CA. She is also in private practice as a Cancer Coach with her own program Happiness Heals based on the integration of ancient healing and modern medicine and deepened by her own journey with a diagnosis of cancer. Erin's work in the area of mind-body healing began in 1981 with "The Healing Power of Laughter and Play", a first-of-its-kind conference linking the science of the body with the healing power of laughter and play. For over 25 years, Erin was a teacher and trainer with the Simonton Cancer Center and assisted Dr. Simonton in the development of an international training program, based on his pioneering work with cancer patients and their families.

Mariusz is a physician, Medical Director of Psychosocial Oncology at Memorial Care Todd Cancer Institute in Long Beach, California, and has over 25 years of experience in working with cancer patients and their families. Inspired by the work of Dr Carl Simonton he first started running oncology groups as a resident in pathology, then he continued during his radiation therapy residency to finally switch to psychiatry and psycho-oncology. He has extensive experience in cognitive-behavior therapy and trained with the leaders in this field. Since 1990 he was working
with Dr Carl Simonton initially in Europe and later also in the USA. In 2004, with his wife Aleksandra Wirga, they introduced the successful Beat the Odds® - A Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Program at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. Mariusz lectures internationally on the subjects of cognitive-behavior therapy, mind-body medicine, psychosocial oncology, and nondenominational spiritual and existential counseling.

Barbara was trained in mind-body medicine by Dr Carl Simonton, after being introduced to his work in 1999 while attending a session at the Simonton Center as a support person to her father. She eventually became part of teaching staff at the Simonton Cancer Center and worked for this center until the summer of 2012. She founded Hekademos Mind-Body Medicine Foundation and in this way is committed to serve people and health care organizations in South Africa as well as The Netherlands. Furthermore Barbara works as a consultant and trainer in change and leadership programs in The Netherlands.

Dates & Costs
The program will take place:
Sunday March 30th – Friday April 4th
Costs of the program are $ 1,700 (or € 1.400,–) per participant who attends for the first time (patients or trainees). The costs for the support person are $ 850 (or € 700,–). Included are lodging, three meals, selected drinks and snacks.
Costs for those who are returning with us are $ 1,400 (or € 1.150,–) per participant. Costs for support person in this case $ 700 (or € 575,–). Lodging, meals and selected drinks inclusive.
The extra costs of a single room are $ 120 (or € 100,–).

For those who live in Tucson and want to attend the program while commuting please know the costs of the retreat program are $ 950 ($ 475,– for a support person) plus $ 300 per person for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you consider commuting please contact Patricia Palmer who will gladly advise you on a tailor-made arrangement.
Excluded are travel costs to/from Redemptorist Renewal Retreat Center at Picture Rocks, Tucson, Arizona.

At the time of registration, please pay $ 450 (or € 350,–) plus $ 250 (or € 200,–) for the support person. For our commuting participants we ask a deposit of $ 275. In case of a cancellation we will refund your full payment if someone can take your place. When cancellation is communicated less than four weeks before the start of the program ànd your place cannot be taken by someone else, the initial payment will unfortunately not be refunded.

Our program will be held at the Redemptorist Renewal Retreat Center at Picture Rocks, Tucson, Arizona (www.desertrenewal.org).
The Retreat Center, situated in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains and the beautiful Sonoran Desert, is a spiritual life and renewal center that provides a unique opportunity for solitude, reflection, prayer and contemplative practice.

It is located on 120 acres that border the Saguaro National Park West, and is a site that appeals to the nature lover while gently challenging the more urban personality. With miles of trails available into the desert, the variety of the desert flora (especially the cacti) and fauna, plus ancient Hohokam Indian rock art (petroglyphs) located on the Renewal Center property, this place has an atmosphere that inevitably nudges those who come toward the sacred."
The rooms are comfortable and simple, each room has standard 2 twin beds and a private bathroom. There is no Wi-Fi, phone or TV in rooms. Wi-Fi and cell phone reach are available though on the premises. The Tucson airport is a 25 to 30 minute drive.
We are delighted that we are able to hold our retreat in this beautiful and healing place. The beauty of the nature as well as the tranquil and intimate atmosphere supports healing and the assimilation of new knowledge and insights with ease.

We kindly request that you fill in a registration form which we will gladly email to you. Your registration is secured after payment of the deposit.
US participants can pay by credit card. Please call: 562 427 3897 (9 am to 4 pm PST). Or send a check payable to Center for Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Integrative Medicine, 3505 Long Beach Blvd, suite 2 D, Long Beach CA 90807. Tax ID 26-2002704.
European participants can pay to Hekademos in The Netherlands. We will send you an invoice after we receive your registration form.
After registration we will send you a confirmation letter including all practical information you may need to prepare for the retreat week and enjoy your stay!

For further information or a registration form please contact:

Patricia Palmer | patriciapalmer@hekademos.org | palmerbg@yahoo.com | + 1 (520) 331 - 5592

Erin Sommerville | erinsommerville@hotmail.com | + 1 (562) 221 - 3782

Mariusz Wirga | mwirga@gmail.com | + 1 (562) 427 - 3897

Barbara de Beukelaar |barbara@hekademos.org | + 31 (0) 35 625 00 50 or + 31 (0) 654 77 38 95